About us

Who we are

The Nordic Art Initiative (NAI) is a non-profit organisation based in Sweden. Its core mission is socially responsible action, that is, the organisation and production of cultural projects resulting in permanent benefits for the broad community.


The Nordic Art Initiative is about collaborative invention that is focused on promoting cultural projects and activities. Partnerships that arise between organisations, companies and individuals will be firmly embedded within the social framework giving purpose and direction.
This non-profit organisation seeks to establish a solid platform on both the national and international front whereby it will strive to launch cultural activities to benefit the larger community.

The organisation is also dedicated to promoting innovation with a strong emphasis on sustainability and circular economy, fostering initiatives that advance environmental responsibility and social progress. We prioritise education as a cornerstone of our mission, striving to empower individuals and communities with the knowledge and skills necessary for a sustainable future through various educational programs and initiatives. Collaboration is fundamental to our approach; as we seek to work closely with individuals, organisations, foundations, companies, municipalities, and governmental bodies to maximise our impact and reach shared goals.

What do we do?

We wish to achieve results within the artistic field by widening the scope of art in communal and private spaces. We give priority to projects in sensitive areas such as the hospital setting and constantly strive to increasee society’s engagement with art by giving it a wider audience.
We also aim to bring together a network of emerging and professional artists. By facilitating spaces where communication can take place between artists and specific communities, we aim to encourage their collaboration on projects through the medium of art. NAI supports the value of art within a shifting cultural scene with the scope of facilitating this process for local groups taking part in various projects. Through art we aim to promote the process of adaptation, allowing individuals within different social groups or settings to interact in positive ways. By facilitating exchange between artists and participants, such as those taking part in art workshops, we want to encourage the individual being exposed to the artistic process, to conceive of new ways of relating and bringing about awareness and change, both personally and locally.

Establish meeting points

We work with artists from all over the world, giving them opportunities for international exchange. With regards to collaborating artists, participation in our projects will give them new opportunities for work and personal development. We support the needs of both early-career artists and established artists by providing opportunities for the production, development and presentation of artwork.

Projects and activities

We promote local and cross-border projects that focus on the creation of visual and digital art, mainly illustration, animation, augmented reality and film. We place a lot of emphasis on process, where the artists involved relate directly with the community making use of a particular space. In this way, NAI encourages people to connect to their imagination and with each other, with the aim of installing physical art works in public spaces and creating audio-visual works that can be then viewed by the wider community.

Working within sensitive areas

Our speciality focuses on the facilitation of projects within sensitive areas such as hospitals. Considering the installation of artworks within such areas, we liaise with management and staff so as to understand their requirements of the space whilst involving the patient in the creative process.

Our initiatives

..are of an innovative nature with potential to create development within its field.
…involve target groups, project collaborators and CSR partners to create engagement and legitimacy.
..include education and/or information activities in order to support the long-term impact of a project.
..are communicative, therapeutic and visual.

NPOs and Business partnerships

NPOs (non-profit organisations) and business partnerships have immense potential. NPOs gain the opportunity to enable and increase the impact and sustainability of their community development work. Companies engage in partnerships with NPOs so as to effectively achieve their philanthropic, social investment, commercial initiative or core business goals. We support companies as they strive to integrate sustainability within their business whilst maintaining profitability.

Education and Advocacy

Partnerships are established with organisations and companies. Meetings are held to ensure that through dialogue, goals and expectations are met on all the fronts. An important outcome of these supported projects is their long term impact on the community through the material/artwork created and the process in itself.